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Completed third of the span construction of the bridge Moračica

Completed third of the span construction of the bridge Moračica
Published date: 26.11.2018 15:35 | Author: MSP

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Works on the architectural wonder of the Bar-Boljare highway, the bridge Moračica, are in line with the planned dynamics. After the construction of all five pillar and two volcanoes of the bridge, 299 meters of pavement construction has been exposed so far, which is almost a third of the total length of Moračica (960 meters).

There are about 150 workers on this site each day.

The trenching structure is built up through the segments, which means that from each pillar of the bridge is progressing to the left and to the right, to the next pillar.

The segments are 2.5 to 4 meters long and will be longer as they approach the center of the bridge, which means that the dynamics of the advancement will then be greater.

Estimates are that about 30,000 cubic meters of concrete will be used for the construction of the span construction and over 5,000 tons of armature will be used. Now Moračica became the symbol of the Montenegrin highway, of which the leading regional media reported. The tallest pillar of the bridge is 160 meters high, while the range from the bottom of river Morača to the pavement construction is about 200 meters.

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